Xplore II SxS Deck 12'

76" Wide to fit the widest factory machines

Adjustable legs - Fits L/B & 6'2" S/B trucks

Dimensions 156" X 80" X 73"

4-Seater UTV Truck Rack

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Marlon's latest side by side (SXS) deck was designed to carry 4 door side by sides up to 120” max length. Now capable of carrying the new 50" wide machines up to the widest factory SXS at 76" with the new addition of the optional SXS Extension you can now carry machines up to 165" in length!  The deck comes standard with 10’ ramps that have 4” side safety edges making them safe and secure when loading and unloading. Carry your side by side to the starting line or staging area with your camping trailer in tow.

The Marlon Xplore II SXS Deck is specifically designed so you don’t lose any turning radius pulling a trailer. This unique design allows you to easily change from a short box to a long box within minutes. The solid mount winch plate will accommodate a Warrior 3500 xt winch and is designed with a pull point, so you can use your SXS winch if you are equipped. We recommend bolting your Marlon Xplore II SXS Deck to your truck with the supplied mounting kit. Machine securement is made easy with our unique tie down system. We have designed the Marlon Xplore II SXS Deck to have a positive park front tire position which gives the driver a real feel when your machine is loaded to the correct position. All loading ramp and deck ramps have rung protectors on them to assist in traction which is a huge safety feature. When not in use the ramps slide in and are secured under your toy! Now go out and Xplore!


FEA - computer stress analysis design testing

Field tested

Side safety loading bars

10' ramps safe and secure

Rung grips make loading safe

Side steps safely secure your SxS

Winch mount plate and pull point

Movable side steps for secure entry as well as tying down your machine

Positive park position, bolt on front cradle

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Xplore II SxS Deck 12'
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