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At Johnson's we are more than just a trailer dealer. We specialize in repairs, installations and more...

We don't stop just at selling trailers, golf cars, and truck beds. We can be your one stop shop for your whole trailer set up. Our expert team is able to diagnose and repair all types of trailers and golf cars. Our shop has the ability to install winches, gooseneck hitches, brake controllers, 7 way plugs, hitch installations on all types of vehicles, as well as custom work for your trailer.

A few things that we can work on:
*Safety Inspections
*E-track Installation
*D-ring Installation
*Stake Pocket (tie down point) Installation
*Jack Replacement
*Full Trailer Service and Maintenance
*Golf Cart Inspection
*Golf Car Tire Replacement
*5th Wheel Axle Service and Maintenance
*Axle Replacement
*Suspension Service (leaf springs, shackle plates, shackle bolts)
*Bearing Service
*Golf Cart Service and Maintenance
*Winch Installation
*Gooseneck Turnover-Ball Installation
*Hitch Installation on different types of vehicles
*Truck Bed Installations
*Spare tire and Wheel
*Fender Repair/Replacement
*Aluminum Skin Repair
*Electrical wiring and Issues
*Brake Adjustments
*Brake control Installation
*Aluminum and Steel Welding

Winch installed on a Gooseneck TrailerGooseneck Trailer with a winch on it

About Johnson Manufacturing

Since our inception, our primary focus has been to provide high quality, innovative products for the various markets we serve. We were founded in 1943 as Johnson Farm Machinery and began producing unique equipment for the agricultural market that dramatically altered conventional farming practices.While we still manufacture a variety of products for the agricultural market, this market has evolved and farmer’s needs have changed. The company has also changed by diversifying into non-agricultural markets while still maintaining its dedication to high quality and innovation.

In the late 1990’s many non-agricultural customers began to ask us to build items for them because they liked the quality and workmanship they observed in our products. As a result, we began custom manufacturing many items for a wide variety of customers. We have manufactured items such as custom production fixtures, tanks, handrails, platforms, tank saddles, tank fittings, and many other items made from steel, aluminum and stainless steel.About that same time we began to manufacture trailers for our agricultural customers. Again, many non-agricultural customers inquired about providing trailers for their use. To broaden our trailer offerings, we aligned ourselves with outstanding trailer manufacturers who share our dedication to quality. This allows us to offer a much wider range and variety of trailers. Johnson Mfg. is an authorized dealer for Big Tex Trailers, Wells Cargo Trailers and Triton Trailers. Working with these manufacturers we can now offer trailers that meet customer’s exacting requirements, at competitive prices, whether standard models or models extensively customized by us.

In 2007, we added Yamaha’s line of golf cars and utility vehicles to broaden our exposure to non-agricultural markets. Yamaha’s golf car product line allows us to delivery another high quality product to a wide variety of markets. We offer new and used golf cars and utility vehicles, and provide expert service and a full line of spare parts for the entire Yamaha golf car line. We also provide parts and service for other brands such as Club Car, EZGO, Taylor-Dunn and others.

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