Trailer Type: Car Hauler (6-14K)

Make: Alcom

Deck Size: 80 "x 20'

Gross Weight Rating 7,000 lbs

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Alcom's CargoPro Tilting Open Car Haulers make it easy to load and unload cars, boats, and more - even without help. All-aluminum construction makes CargoPro trailers strong but lightweight, letting you save fuel and maximize your hauling potential. This trailer comes with one removable fender, helping reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle during loading and unloading by removing the trailer's aluminum fender before you begin. Make the most of your open tilting trailer with the versatile front stationary deck, perfect for storing tool boxes or other cargo. This ALC-70FT-20-AW comes equipped with 4 HD Recessed D-Rings, you get plenty of points to winch and secure - and they stay conveniently out of the way when not in use.


80′" wide deck x 20′ long
Overall 101′" wide deck
Payload capacity of 5,500 lbs
Curb Weight 1,500 lbs
(2) 3,500 # Dexter Torsion Ride Axles
2" x 3" Heavy Wall Cross-members (24" O/C)
2" x 6" Sub-frame Tubing (Outer & Tongue)
Fixed 2" x 2" Front Bumper
Hydraulic Tilt System w/Control valve
Front 18" of Stationary Deck
Recessed LED Marker Lights
(4) 5000# Recessed D-rings
5,000 lbs Wheel Jack
All-Aluminum Construction
5″ frame channel iron
15″ Aluminum wheels
205/75R15 Tires
17" Deck height and 18" Hitch height
7-way Round power connection
Color is Aluminum  & tires
2-5/16" Coupler
Color is Aluminum

Our trailers go through a final assembly and inspection process. Please call to check availability.

**Prices listed are the MSRP or sale price and do not include any taxes, licensing, fees, or installed accessories...

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