Eagle Trailer Mfg.

Eagle Trailer Mfg. LogoEagle Trailer Manufacturing is a small trailer company the specializes in steel and aluminum framed utility and equipment trailers. Their manufacturing facility is in Portland, Oregon. As a small manufacturer, Eagle focuses on quality, fast delivery and the ability to customize trailers to suit the exact needs of the end user. Eagle trailers are an excellent value, because they use top quality components and materials and the trailers are priced very competitively.

Johnson Mfg. is Eagle’s premier dealer for the greater Sacramento area and most of Northern California and we carry many of the most popular models and sizes. Eagle has five product lines: Falcon, Eagle, Black Hawk, Silver Eagle and Sterling Aluminum.

Falcon. The Falcon line is Eagle’s entry level line of trailers that includes small and medium sized utility trailers, flatbed car haulers, tilt bed car haulers and deck-over equipment trailers. Falcon trailers are well-built, but very basic in their design and features. Falcon trailers range between 2,990 and 7,000 lb. gross weight rating.

Eagle. The Eagle line is a full featured, high quality trailer line that includes utility trailers, flatbeds, tilt beds, deck-overs and dump trailers. Sizes range from 2,990 lb. weight rating, all the way up to 10,000 lb. weight rating. Almost all trailers in the Eagle line are manufactured with tubular steel tongues. Almost all manufacturers use channel iron for the trailer tongue. Tubular steel is stronger, has a better appearance and avoids rusting and finish degradation much better than channel iron. Most of the trailers in the Eagle line are loaded with great features such as: 4ft long tongues for smooth towing,  tubular steel ramp gates and tongues, ribbed metal siding and availability of lots of options for customizing.

Black Hawk. The Black Hawk is Eagle’s heavy duty trailer line and only includes 12,000 lb. and 14,000 lb. equipment trailers. All are top quality, premium trailers with all the features and options that demanding users require such as: diamond plate fenders, heavy-duty D-Rings, 16″ wheels, 10,000 lb. jacks, LED lights and large beam and tube construction. Models available are flatbeds, tilt beds, deck-overs, dump trailers and pan tilt beds.

Silver Eagle. The Silver Eagle line is Eagle’s all aluminum lineup of trailers. This line includes small utility trailers, flatbeds and deck-over trailers. Silver Eagles top out at the 10,000 lb. weight rating. These are are very nice trailers for those who want a very strong, but lightweight trailer.

Sterling Aluminum. Sterling Aluminum is an all-aluminum line of small utility trailers available through Eagle. They are all single axle utility trailers with or without sides and are available in the following sides 5’x8′,5’x10′,6’x10′,6’x12′,7’x12′. They all come with bi-fold aluminum ramps, torsion axles and aluminum wheels. Sterlings are really nice aluminum utilities that don’t cost too much more than their steel counterparts.

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